Hi! Nice to meet you! We’re Maéva and Tora, the founders and driving forces behind COOS. We’ve been best friends since second grade and have always had projects going on together. We like to do our own way and want to it with impact and purpose - hence our mission to change the food system. We started our instagram account as a fun thing in 2015 without any particular ambition but that changed in 2018 when we figured that something has to be done to motivate and help people to change their way of consuming food in order to keep them and the planet healthy.

Maéva has a background as a legit baker and a Bachelor in Scientific Nutrition and Tora a Bachelor in Communication & Digital Marketing as well as a Master in Business Innovation which makes us complementary and pretty damn great team.

If you’re wondering what COOS means, it stands for Chocolate out of shit which basically means that you can do or turn any situation into something good. You can say that it’s our life philosophy (it just sounds less cheesy than “looking at the bright side of life). It applies to everything - from making life decisions to making the best out of the leftovers in your fridge.