Tartines des Alpes Fall Edition


A new season means that we can bring one of our favorites back - the Tartines des Alpes! So here's a Fall version for you! You're in for a real treat.

All the ingredients were bought at Intchié'No (they're really, really cool) in Sion! Local produce at its best (the COOS Way you know) ;)

6 tartines
30 minutes (if you buy the bread)

• 1 pain germinal

• 1 pear

• 7 figs

• One half of a(humongous) sweet potato

• 10 cm horseradish

• Olive Oil

• A little bit of fresh Chèvre

• Honey

• 1 handful of spinach

• Preserved zucchini (sweet'n'sour)

• Spices (we used curry, salt & pepper)

• Dried rosemary

Start by turning on the oven at 180 degrees (to roast the bread a little). Then just mix and match the ingredients how you want in order to create the most epic tartines you've ever seen. We didn't really know how to use the horseradish (it is like the wasabi) but, we ended up just grating it and mixing it with olive oil and salt, which, turned out to be a refreshing spread. We have a team currently investigating on how it can be used in a more elaborate way ;) If you want a more detailed view on the creating process, please check the highlights on our instagram.

Bon appétit!!