Summery Tartines


If you follow us on instagram you will know that we're big fans of bread and that we think that with the right topping it does qualify as a legit meal every day of the week. So, here's what you can put on top in order to not only get sandwiches  that are pretty to look at (that's why they're called TARTINES)  but that will enchant your tastebuds and keep you full.

7 tartines
30 minutes (if you buy the bread)

• 1 wholegrain bread loaf

• 3 tomatoes

• A couple of radishes

• Half a cucumber

• 1 zucchini

• half a red onion

• 2 peaches

• 100g chickpeas

• Half a lemon

• 1 teaspoon honey

• Spices (we used curry, salt & pepper)

• Olive oil

• Fresh herbs (thyme, rosemary, basilic, mint)

Like for all our recipes, the amounts are very ish (meaning approximate), because honestly most of the time we are winging it and adding what we think will taste good. Also, we think you're smart enough to add or take away the stuff you like or don't like ;)

So, start by turning on the oven at 180 degrees (to roast the bread a little). Then take the chickpeas, lemon and curry (add as much as you want) and put into a mixer. Mix until it makes a marvellously smooth spread aka hummus. Then cut the veggies and peaches in a practical way in order to make them fit easily on the bread. Cut the bread, put some olive oil on the slices and send them (maybe by mail pigeon) into the oven to make them crusty. Meanwhile grill the zucchini, peaches (with a little honey) and onion in a pan (the onion separately) and then finally get ready to make the real magic happen! Take the bread out of the oven and spread hummus on two of the slices (or more), then mix and match the other ingredients to make the tartine of your dreams. Putting fresh thyme on top of the grilled peaches was a real taste sensation so we highly recommend that! Actually, the fresh herbs in general are the key to success, they do not only make the tartines look way more sophisticated but they also increase the whole aromatic sensation.