Rösti/Råraka - WHAT?


We've been wanting to do a remake of the typical rösti of Swedish råraka for quite some time so we finally did! I you can dream it you can do it you know ;) It's quick (depending on your peeling skills), easy and TASTY! Here it goes:

For 2 people
Cooking time: 30 minutes, peeling: up to you!

• 1 big beef heart tomato (not beef)

• 6 firm potatoes

• Olive oil or colza oil (for the pan

• 200 g shiitake mushrooms

• A dash of oat milk

• 1 big handful of spinach

• Fresh rosemary

• Salt & pepper to taste

Start by peeling the potatoes and then grate them. Put some oil in a pan and then add your newly grated potatoes. Try to make it all stick together almost like a pancake and let it fry until it's golden brown. Add a little salt and pepper to the "pale" side. Take the pan off the heat and move it back and forth (a bit like a maraca) to make sure your potato wonder doesn't stick to the pan. It will be easier to flip it around if it's "detached" from the pan. You can use a spatula or do a flying flip if you feel confident enough to do so. Fry the second side until it also gets that golden color and voilà! Put on a plate and cover it to keep it warm. Then put the shiitake mushrooms in a pan, add a dash of oat milk (enough to make it juicy) and fry for about 4 minutes before adding the spinach. Stir it around until the spinach is cooked and finally add it to your rösti/råraka! Cut the beef heart tomato, put it on top together with the fresh rosemary.

In case you want to do some more peeling, we had fresh white VALAIS asparagus and it was divine. So if you can get your hands on some local asparagus that's a hot tip!

Bon appétit!