Sparkly Spring Pita Pizza


These pita breads have been an appreciated feature on quite a few dinners these past months. They are really easy to make and you can vary the topping to infinity and beyond. Today, we topped them with typical Spring veggies!

For 4 people
45 minutes (maybe 1 hour if you do the hummus too!)


• 1 big (HUGE) beetroot

• 400 g ish green asparagus

• 2 big handfuls of spinach or something else green & leafy

• 8 small carrots

• Dried herbs (we used oregano & estragon)

• Salt & pepper to taste

• Olive oil or colza oil


• 300 g chickpeas

• 1/2 lemon

• 1/2 glass of water

• Olive oil

• Whatever you want to spice it up

Pita Breads:

• 200 g spelt flour

• 200 g wheat flour

• 1 big glass of water

• A shot of olive oil (and more for the frying)

• 2 pinches of salt

• Dried herbs

Start by putting the oven on 180 degrees then wash and cut the beetroot, wash the carrots too. If you have the same kind of carrots as us, you can leave them whole. Put it all on a baking tray, sparkle with the dried herbs and drizzle your oil of choice over it too. Put it in the oven to roast for about 35 minutes (or until tender and a little crispy). Take the green asparagus (starts to be the last ones of the season for us!), cut off the last, hard part of the stalks and put them to boil until they're tender.

For the hummus, we batch cooked the chickpeas a few days ago to have some stock (very practical, very adult!) so they were ready. We suggest you do the same or you can buy already cooked ones (buying in bulk is more efficient in terms of packaging though!). Put the peas in a mixer add olive oil, dried herbs, spices, the juice from half a lemon and mix it until it's smooth and nice!

Now for the pita breads! Mix the two flour kinds in a bowl, add the water, olive oil and salt and start kneading. Add the dried herbs for additional taste. The dough should become non-sticky and maniable. If it's too wet, just add a little flour and if it's too dry add some water. Once your dough is done take a piece of it and roll it out with a rolling pin (or something else rollable) in the shape of a pita bread. We managed to make 4 big ones, but you can also make them smaller if wish to do so! Put a little oil in a pan and fry it like a pancake. It takes about 1 minute per side.

Now that you've managed to make all the components (such a corporate word) you can start to build your fabulous pita bread that will almost more look like a pizza! VOILÀ!