Living the Porridge Dream


A day without breakfast is a day that has to start again. And even though we don't eat the same breakfast everyday, one that we often go back to is porridge. It's quick and simple and you can tweak it in endless way! Here's a golden version topped with the last raspberries of the season. It looks good for the eyes, is like a hug for your inside and that will keep you satisfied for a good while!

2 portions
10 minutes

• 1 big cup oats

• 2 cups of water (ish)

• 1 cup oatmilk

• 1 apple

• Half a lemon

• A dash of camelina oil

• Spices (curcuma, cardamom, cinnamon etc.)

• 2 handfuls of raspberries

• 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds

Like we stated above, it's really super quick and easy to make porridge. Just add the water and oat to a saucepan and heat it up. Add the spices to give it taste and color. Normally, it should take like 3-5 minutes to get all gooey and nice. Either before or after you've cooked your porridge, cut or grate the apple. Put the finished oatmeal in two bowls, and put the oat milk into the saucepan to heat it up a little (you can also let it be cold if you like). Then top the porridge with the apple, a little camelina oil (which is rich in omega 3!), the ground flaxseeds, a squeeze of lemon (helps to absorb the nutriments!) and finally the raspberries. Easy, breezy yet yummy yummy! You're welcome!