I scream, you scream - OATSCREAM


We're still experiencing warm temperatures around here and we've been thinking about making ice-cream the whole Summer. Plus, ice-cream is a always a good idea anyway so here's an espresso OATSCREAM. Please note that the quantities are very ISH. But we can assure you that the result tastes good ;)

Makes one small batch
2 hours to make (it's the freezing part that takes time)

• 1 handful of nuts (hazelnuts & almonds from Italy)

• 2 espresso

• 200 ml oat cream (cuisine)

• 1-2 tablespoons of honey (depends of how much sweetness you want)

• 1 small glass (a bit less than an actual cup) of oats

• 1 cup oat milk

• Cinnamon, cardamom or any feisty spices

Start by grilling the nuts for a couple of minutes in a pan (until you're easily able to take off their "coat"). Then put the oat cream, 2/3 of the nuts, the espressos, the oats, the oats milk and the spices (yeah that was a long list) into a mixer. Mix it until it's smooth. Basically you're just making a café latte smoothie deluxe that you freeze! Once you've reached your wished level of smoothness, pour it in a glass container and put it into the freezer. Then after 30 minutes or so take a fork or a whisk and mix it all up (you don't want it all to transform into a giant unmixable block), repeat that 2 or 3 times. Then when before serving, put it in the mixer again (and add more hazelnuts if you wish) to make it more cream like and voilà!