Fluffy Raspberry Pancakes


Summer is coming to its end (which at least half of the duo is pretty stoked about, we'll let you guess who ;) ) and so is the raspberry season. Here's easy breezy pancake recipe that will either sparkle up your regular morning.

4-5 pancakes
30 minutes ish

• 1 cup wholewheat flour[

• 1 cup oat milk (and  another 1/3 cup for the topping)

• 1 small teaspoon baking powder

• 1 tablespoon flaxseeds

• 1 teaspoon honey (or more if you want them sweeter)

• 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

• 1 pinch of salt

• 500 g raspberries

• 1 handful hazelnuts (from Piemonte!)

• Fresh mint

Put all the ingredients in a bowl (ok, not the nuts, mint and raspberries at first), start with the dry ones and then successively add the liquids and stir it together. The consistency of the batter (mix) should be quite thick so if for some reason it's too liquid or too dry just add a bit more flour (if too wet) or more oat milk (if too dry). Then add a handful of raspberries and stir them around until they give the batter a pinkish colour (we can call it pastel pink). Let the bowl of wonder take a powernap of 10 minutes-ish. In the meantime, take two other handfuls of raspberries and the remaining oat milk and put them in a mixer. The result should be an amaaazing looking (definitely not pastel) sauce that you will put on the finished pancakes.

Once the batter has finished its beauty sleep, put a little oil (we used olive which actually doesn't have an intrusive taste) in a small pan and then add just enough of your pink gooey to make a pancake. Let it fry until you're able to flip it over and repeat. Each pancake takes approximately 3 minutes. Then pile them up, add the sauce and top with fresh mint, the remaining raspberries & hazelnuts! Tadaa