Did you say Crêpes?!


These crêpes actually were a total surprise. We had checked a couple of other recipes but nothing felt really inspiring and most of them had way too many ingredients (we mean hello it’s a freakin’ crêpe how complicated can it be?). So we took what we had at home stirred it together.

2 crêpes
30 minutes

• 1 cup (or ca 200g) of chick pea flour (quinoa flour should also work)

• 1/3 cup almond milk (any plant milk should work)

• 1/3 wate

• Salt & pepper

• HERBS (this makes all de difference we promise!)

Put a little oil into a frying pan and pour the mix into it and let it become golden and non sticky before your flip the crêpe around. If you feel ballsy you can try a flip trick but if you mess up that’s on you ;)

Then you just top them with whatever makes you happy! But this is more a “salty” and foody crêpes than one you’d top with white sugar(poison) or Nutella (monkey killer). So, if you’re into that you’ll probably be disappointed!