Crispy yet Creamy Gnocchi


We stumbled upon a sweet potato gnocchi recipe and thought that it would be a cool thing to try. The initial recipe was a little complicated so we stripped it down a bit. Contrasts make things interesting so here's our go on crispy yet creamy gnocchi!

4 portions
1,5 hour


• 3 sweet potatoes

• 3 cups buckwheat flour

• 2 tablespoons olive oil

• Salt to taste


• 3-4 big handfuls spinach

• 120 ml cuisine oat cream

• 2 tablespoons whole grain mustard

• 1 small piece of garlic

• Chili powder

• 1 teaspoon Maïzena

Start by putting the sweet potatoes in boiling water (ok, start by putting the water to boil...) and let them cook until tender. Then put them under cold water, peel the skin off and mash them real good. Take the buckwheat flour and olive oil and add it successively to the potato mash. It should become a doughy mix that you can easily form. If it doesn't get maniable enough, and remains sticky, add more flour and it will (hopefully) eventually be tamed. Then divide the dough in two (it will be easier to do it in two steps), and make a long 1-2 cm thick string. Cut that into small pieces (the size of the gnocchis you want quoi!). Put water to boil again and put all your pieces of dough aka gnocchis into it. Be prepared with a sleeve (preferably one with a sieve) to pick up the gnocchi when they float up to the surface (that means they're ready). Put them on a plate or directly in a frying pan. Fry them until crispy. At the same time, put all the ingredients for the sauce in another pan. The spinach will take up all the space at first but don't you worry, it will quickly decrease its volume drastically! When you have a creamy kind of stew, add the gnocchis into it and stir it all together before putting it onto a plate. Add salt and pepper to taste and the job is done!