A Crown of Bread


This is a recipe that requires a little more effort (or at least time) than the last recipes we've posted BUT, it's well worth the effort because why wear the crown when you can eat it? So close your eyes, and imagine yourself sitting on the porch of a typical Swiss mayen looking at the mountains and breathing the fresh crispy air while your piece of bread art is getting all golden brown in the oven au feu de bois. Not bad huh? Here's how you can make it happen:

1 mighty crown
1,5 hour


• 500g whole-grain flour

• 1 big pinch of salt

• 3 dl water

1• /4 cube of fresh yeast

• A dash or olive oil or rapeseed oil

• Thyme


• 2 big handfuls of mushrooms (200g ish)

• 4 potatoes

• 2 oignons

• Thyme & rosemary (better put both so we don't mix them up!)

• Salt & pepper

• Olive oil

• A little red wine (for the mushrooms)

Get your oven going on 200 degrees and then put all the ingredients for the bread together in a bowl (or something that allows you to knead). Knead (such a nice word to say btw) it all so that it makes a smooth dough then let it rest for an hour. In the meantime, cut the mushrooms and potatoes and put them in one pan each. Grill them both (separately still) with oignon and a festival of thyme and rosemary (salt & pepper too, as much as you prefer). The potatoes should be al dente since they will get fully baked in the oven later. Add the dash (or more if that floats your boat) of red wine to the mushrooms to make them tastier. Then merge it all and get ready to stuff the bread!

When the dough has rested enough, tuck it out in a rectangle (see photos above) and add your just made mix of mushrooms and potatoes on one side of the dough (not too close to the border). Then shred the other half of the dough in bands (again check above), tuck the filling in (so that it makes a loaf kind of) and finally get artsy with the bands. Put in the oven for 40 minutes and let the smell of loveliness invade your senses ;)