Marvellous Jeûne

What’s the Marvellous Jeûne?

Well, it’s 7 days well spent in typical Swiss chalets at Anako’lodge in Val d’Hérens – the heart of our favorite Canton Valais. It’s about taking time for yourself and resetting your body in an environment that allows you let go (juste like the Frozen song). During this declaration of love to yourself you will revitalise your body by following a diet made of organic, freshly pressed fruits juices, herbal teas and broths made according to the Buchinger Methode. There will be time for adapted physical activities such as walks and yoga. You will also be able to participate in guided meditations, workshops and sharing sessions, all to help you to reconnect with yourself. And of course there will be plenty of free time for you to rest or do whatever you want. Massages can be organised on demand. We want to keep the group small in order to be able to give you full attention.

So, what about fasting?

Well naturally, we eat during the day and fast at night. Eating and fasting is a little bit like concentration and relaxation or a sleep-awake pattern, or why not like Ying and Yang if you’re into that kind of stuff. Fasting is a way to give your body and especially your digestive system a break. The absence of solid food makes it possible for the energy that would normally be used for digestion to instead, be used to detoxify the body and promote cell generation (cool right?!). By fasting this way (meaning you give yourself time to do it fully and are conscious about it), you will become more aware of how that body of yours actually works and what makes it feel real good, or bad. But cleaning your body without clearing up your mind and vice versa is a little contra-productive. That’s why it’s being combined with mindfulness practices so that you have the opportunity to do the absolute best out of it. The mindfulness part is led by humble MBSR guru Corine (she wouldn’t like that we call her that but she really is good).


Full Week:

Light Version (3 nights on location):